In Two Words I’d Never Say Again, book three in the Never Say Never series, Nacha and Hank face the issues that tore them apart.

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Never marry the same man twice

The day I married Hank ranks as the best day of my life. The worst day?

The day he left.

He wants us back together, but I can’t go through all that pain again. That’s why I’ve ignored his calls for a year.

But it’s pretty hard to ignore him now that we’re in the same wedding.

Due to a mix-up with the rooms, we end up sharing a cabin. A weekend in a romantic cabin is like playing with fire. And he is determined to go above and beyond to win me back.

My defenses start to crumble, and I’m tempted to give him another chance. But doing that means admitting one small secret. A secret that might destroy our second chance at love . . .