In Captivated by Steph, a widow is reunited with her late husband’s best friend.

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Releasing Nov 2022

Dating again is not part of my plan, and romance with my late husband’s best friend is definitely off limits.

When Blake shows up after five years, I remember how much fun he was to have around. With his own brand of humor, he keeps everyone laughing. Especially me.

Having him around is fun, comfortable . . . until he shows romantic interest.

Blake’s never been one for settling down, but even if he were, I can’t date him. There are so many reasons. Besides the friend thing, Blake hates wine. I own a winery. He rides the rodeo circuit. I stay far away from rodeos.

A perfect match? Not at all. We’re more like two mismatched socks.

But when he’s ready to leave and asks me what I want, I’m not sure what to say.

Saying goodbye to Blake feels like saying goodbye to laughter. Can two odd socks really make a pair?