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Will a shy artist and a cheese-loving billionaire find love chasing a dream?

Paige’s quiet, solitary life is interrupted when she meets a handsome jogger on the trails, and he asks her out. She’s never been good at talking to strangers, but he is worth the effort.

Mac dreams of watching people enjoy his food. He hires a graphic designer to help him brand the food truck, and she immediately gets his vibe. Exchanging emails becomes a highlight of his day. But there’s also the woman he met on the trails. Conversation is difficult with her one-word answers, but he’s interested enough to keep trying.

One date leads to another, and Mac feels guilty about spending time with the artist while exchanging emails with the designer, but his relationship with the designer is strictly professional. Or so he keeps telling himself. But soon, Mac is more excited about surprising Paige with his food truck than he is about meeting the designer when the truck opens. But opening night doesn’t go as planned, and Mac chases what’s important. The choice is easy. Convincing her may be a bit harder.

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