In Convincing Kaci, Drake falls for his designer and works to rescue his happily ever after.

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A woman shouldn’t have to choose between her best friend and the man of her dreams

Kaci Daniels lands a dream job thanks to a good word from her best friend. It’s the kind of job that could catapult her design business to the next level. But working with Mr. Davenport, Kaci finds herself falling for the billionaire with the gorgeous blue eyes. When he asks her to pose as his girlfriend for a weekend, she agrees … even though she feels like she’s betraying her friend who has a major crush on the guy.

Accompanying Kaci on every shopping trip, Drake Davenport gets to spend a lot of time with her, and his attraction grows. When pretend dating turns into a blossoming relationship, he’s over the moon … until Kaci leaves in tears.

How can he convince Kaci to give love a chance without destroying her friendship in the process?

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