In Enchanted by Joji, Clint is charged with teaching Joji how to run a goat farm. But the two are complete opposites.

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My next big adventure is running a goat farm. I just need a few lessons from the cowboy who’s been volunteered to help.


Nearly the big 5-0, I decide it’s time to put down roots, but life without adventure is no fun. So, I buy a goat farm.

I anticipate smelly livestock and a steep learning curve because I’ve never owned even a parakeet, let alone a four-legged creature.

What surprises me is the redhead-hating, built-like-a-linebacker cowboy who’s supposed to teach me all about goats. He doesn’t seem to like those either.


I enjoy the routine of working as a ranch foreman. I have no desire to add chaos to my quiet life by adding a woman to the mix. So when I’m given the job of teaching the redheaded Joji about goat farming, I’m less than pleased.

She’s my opposite in every way. She’s short. I’m tall. I’m quiet. She talks up a storm.

Enchanted with her, I find reasons to return even after she’s learned all she needs to know. If I can’t figure out how to move past hurts that have haunted me for years, I’ll break her heart.

I’m pretty sure that would be worse than getting trampled by a bull.