In Enchanted by Joji, Clint is charged with teaching Joji how to run a goat farm. But the two are complete opposites.

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My next big adventure is running a goat farm. I just need a few lessons from the grumpy cowboy who’s been volunteered to help.

Nearly the big 5-0, I decide it’s time to put down roots, but life without adventure is no fun. So, I buy a goat farm.

I anticipate smelly livestock and a steep learning curve because I’ve never owned even a parakeet, let alone a four-legged creature.

What surprises me is the redhead-hating, built-like-a-linebacker cowboy who’s supposed to teach me all about goats. He doesn’t seem to like those either.

He teaches me what I need to know, but even when I’m running things on my own, he keeps coming around.

I fall head over heels. He just wants to be friends.

How many stars do I have to wish on to get this guy to change his mind?