In Inspired by Mindy, Jeffrey rents his guest house to the nearby venue’s new event coordinator. There’s only one problem–she doesn’t like him.

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A great new job, a gorgeous new place to live, and the most frustrating landlord in the world. I guess I can’t have everything I want.

 The Cowboy Chef has a reputation as a heartbreaker, but that doesn’t stop my heart from going pitter patter whenever he’s around. It’s not because I’m over forty and single. There are other reasons.

But I’m not going to risk opening my heart to a man with his reputation. Any man for that matter.

Then I end up living across the driveway from him, and he calls a truce. Being nice to each other only makes the heart-thumping worse.

He oozes charm like the sun gives off heat. But it’s clear he’s not interested . . . in me.

When we’re stranded in a freak snowstorm, I snap and unleash a heap of brutal honesty.

His response catches me completely off guard. What do I do now?