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Three Things I’d Never Do

Never say never

There are three things Eve said she would never do—move back in with her parents, let her mother set her up, and date a guy with a dog.

When a bolt of lightning forces Eve to move back in with her parents, she’s already going back on her ‘never’ list. As if things aren’t bad enough, a tree falls, trapping her in the bathtub.

When Adam, the handsome firefighter rescues her, bubbles and all, Eve is so humiliated, she hopes she never sees him again. But as fate would have it, Adam is her blind date – Thanks Mom. Surprisingly, he is perfect . . .  except for one minor thing. He has dogs, and she is a die-hard cat lover.

She may never get over her aversion to sloppy kisses (from the dogs), but when Eve dog sits for the weekend, things go from bad to worse. Someone is bound to end in the doghouse forever.


 One Guy I’d Never Date

Never date your brother’s best friend

There is one guy Haley said she would never date—Zach Gallagher. He calls her Carrot and treats her like she’s ten. It’s irritating and makes it easy to keep her brother’s best friend on her never list.

When a Thanksgiving camping trip gone wrong forces Haley to accept Zach’s help, her long-time attraction is hard to keep hidden. Despite all the reasons she shouldn’t like him, she does.

And when the drop-dead gorgeous deputy shows a glimmer of interest, she has to figure out how to navigate the new normal. Teasing turns into flirting … until her brother figures it out. He hates the idea of his sister dating Zach.

Choosing between love and family is heart-wrenching, but breaking up a twenty-year friendship is even worse. What price is Haley willing to pay for a happily-ever-after?

Two Words I’d Never Say Again

Never marry the same man twice

The day Nacha married Hank ranks as the happiest one of her life. The day he moved away to pursue a job ranks as the worst. She will always love him, but hurt prevents her from risking her heart again.

Avoiding him makes life easier.

But when a wedding weekend has them unexpectedly sharing a romantic cabin, her feelings are thrown into chaos.

Maybe giving him a second chance is worth the risk. But doing that means admitting one small secret . . .

That secret threatens to destroy their second chance at love. What will Nacha have to do to rescue their happily ever after?

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