In One Choice I’ve Never Make, book four in the Never Say Never series, Harper meets someone who calls him a superhero.

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Never date a guy your parents hate

Being an only child has its perks . . . and its disadvantages. My parents want the best for me. That I get, but they want to dictate my life.

Not gonna happen.

I live life my way three hours from home. And I make up for the withheld fun money by working as a model on the side.

That’s how I meet my hero. He’s hot and perfect in almost every way. When he asks me out, I say yes.

Then after the appropriate amount of time, I arrange for him to meet my parents, thinking they’ll be thrilled I’ve met the love of my life.


My amazing Ethan Harper is a fireman, and my parents consider him a blue-collar worker. That’s doesn’t fit with their plan for me.

Now I have to choose between this awesome guy and my parents. It’s not a fair choice. As motivation to help me choose wisely, they take away the perks.

And what am I supposed to do now that I’m underemployed and without a car? I can’t ask Harper to save me from that.