A romantic comedy series featuring cowboys and spunky women. Love and laughter, Texas style.

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Cover of Wrangled by LilithWrangled by Lilith

Holy hot flashes! This blue-eyed dream in a pair of Wranglers is the best-looking cowboy I’ve ever seen. Thankfully, I’m immune to his charms.

After nearly 25 years as a trophy wife, my cheating ex dumped me for a younger woman.

Now I’m starting over in a new place with a car, a piddly amount if money in the bank, and an exotic cat.

Oh, and a ten-foot pole to keep between me and any man, even the good-looking, boot-wearing Texan who swoops in to help me.

Yes, he makes me remember what it’s like to feel something. But my heart is too brittle for romance.

Every sassy comment I fling his way, he serves right back until I’m not sure if we’re arguing or flirting.

With him, I feel more alive than I have in years, but starting over means standing on my own two feet, not being swept off them.


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Enchanted by JojiEnchanted by Joji

My next big adventure is running a goat farm. I just need a few lessons from the grumpy cowboy who’s been volunteered to help.

Nearly the big 5-0, I decide it’s time to put down roots, but life without adventure is no fun. So, I buy a goat farm.

I anticipate smelly livestock and a steep learning curve because I’ve never owned even a parakeet, let alone a four-legged creature.

What surprises me is the redhead-hating, built-like-a-linebacker cowboy who’s supposed to teach me all about goats. He doesn’t seem to like those either.

He teaches me what I need to know, but even when I’m running things on my own, he keeps coming around.

I fall head over heels. He just wants to be friends.

How many stars do I have to wish on to get this guy to change his mind?


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Helped by Ava

My blunder puts the local pastor at risk of losing his job. The least I can do is help clean up the mess . . . by marrying him.

Still single at 50, I’m in shock that a dropped batch of lemon bars leads to a marriage proposal. Which is great and all except for the fact that it’s for show.

I’m a plump, middle-aged woman with a talent for cooking and baking, not anyone’s idea of a wife. But Mad Dog needs me to marry him to suppress a scandal.

Maybe now I can figure out how he got that nickname.

My life won’t change much. He’ll live in my guest room, and I’ll feed him delicious food and yummy desserts. And maybe do his laundry.

But then shortly after the wedding, he asks me out on a date. What have I gotten myself into?

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Inspired by Mindy

A great new job, a gorgeous new place to live, and the most frustrating landlord in the world. I guess I can’t have everything I want.

 The Cowboy Chef has a reputation as a heartbreaker, but that doesn’t stop my heart from going pitter-patter whenever he’s around. It’s not because I’m over forty and single. There are other reasons.

But I’m not going to risk opening my heart to a man with his reputation. Any man for that matter.

Then I end up living across the driveway from him, and he calls a truce. Being nice to each other only makes the heart-thumping worse.

He oozes charm like the sun gives off heat. But it’s clear he’s not interested . . . in me.

When we’re stranded in a freak snowstorm, I snap and unleash a heap of brutal honesty.

His response catches me completely off guard. What do I do now?

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Captivated by Steph

Dating again is not part of my plan, and romance with my late husband’s best friend is definitely off limits.

When Blake shows up after five years, I remember how much fun he was to have around. With his own brand of humor, he keeps everyone laughing. Especially me.

Having him around is fun, comfortable . . . until he shows romantic interest.

Blake’s never been one for settling down, but even if he were, I can’t date him. There are so many reasons. Besides the friend thing, Blake hates wine. I own a winery. He rides the rodeo circuit. I stay far away from rodeos.

A perfect match? Not at all. We’re more like two mismatched socks.

But when he’s ready to leave and asks me what I want, I’m not sure what to say.

Saying goodbye to Blake feels like saying goodbye to laughter. Can two odd socks really make a pair?


Loved by Tandy

He’s the only witness to the most heartbreaking moment of my life. No way am I giving him a second chance.

I played some part in the demise of our relationship, but mostly it was all on him. At least the way I see it. But I didn’t need him. Still don’t.

Anyway, the spark of first love has been out too long to rekindle.

No matter what people say. Time doesn’t heal all wounds.

He wants to forgive and forget and see if we can make it work now that we’re older and wiser. I want to dig a hole for him to crawl into.

It’s up to me to decide. I can forgive or spend my golden years lonely and hating him. It’s a tough choice.