A romantic comedy series featuring cowboys and spunky women. Love and laughter, Texas style.

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Cover of Wrangled by LilithWrangled by Lilith

My plan is to start over without a man. But car woes and a cowboy are making it difficult.


I don’t need a man. And I definitely don’t need his money. After spending twenty-five years as a trophy wife, I’m single again and on my own. Well, not completely alone. I have my cat.

My fresh start isn’t going well. Car trouble leaves me stranded in the Texas Hill Country, but a helpful stranger with wicked blue eyes and well-worn cowboy boots shows up. Too bad he’s a man. I’ve sworn off men.


My mama taught me better than to leave a stranger on the side of the road . . . even if she is toting around an exotic cat and has fiery red hair and a temper to match. But like a kid with matches, I’m drawn to her in spite of the risk.

Or maybe a little risk is exactly what my settled bachelor life needs.

One problem: she hates men. And since I am one, trying to win her over might be harder than taming a wild stallion. But what’s the worst that can happen? Embarrassment? A broken heart? Death?

She might be worth it.

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Enchanted by JojiEnchanted by Joji

My next big adventure is running a goat farm. I just need a few lessons from the cowboy who’s been volunteered to help.


Nearly the big 5-0, I decide it’s time to put down roots, but life without adventure is no fun. So, I buy a goat farm.

I anticipate smelly livestock and a steep learning curve because I’ve never owned even a parakeet, let alone a four-legged creature.

What surprises me is the redhead-hating, built-like-a-linebacker cowboy who’s supposed to teach me all about goats. He doesn’t seem to like those either.


I enjoy the routine of working as a ranch foreman. I have no desire to add chaos to my quiet life by adding a woman to the mix. So when I’m given the job of teaching the redheaded Joji about goat farming, I’m less than pleased.

She’s my opposite in every way. She’s short. I’m tall. I’m quiet. She talks up a storm.

Enchanted with her, I find reasons to return even after she’s learned all she needs to know. If I can’t figure out how to move past hurts that have haunted me for years, I’ll break her heart.

I’m pretty sure that would be worse than getting trampled by a bull.

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Helped by Ava

My blunder puts the local pastor at risk of losing his job. The least I can do is help clean up the mess . . . by marrying him.


Still single at 50, I’m in shock that a dropped batch of lemon bars leads to a marriage proposal. Which is great and all except for the fact that it’s for show.

Mad Dog needs me to marry him to suppress a scandal. Maybe now I can figure out how he got that nickname.

My life won’t change much. He’ll live in my guest room, and I’ll feed him delicious food and yummy desserts. And maybe do his laundry.

Mad Dog

After months of trying to work up the nerve to ask out Ava and never actually doing it, a scandal creates an opportunity. But marriage is a big step.

She’s happy to marry me, but I’ll have to earn her trust.

Will wooing my wife from the guest room even work?

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