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Canadian billionaire Antoine Bergeron has spent the last seven years alone and is content to stay that way. Loving and losing once is enough for a lifetime. But a surprise encounter with a beautiful American stranger has him changing travel plans and rearranging his life to surprise her again and again. His one rule: he doesn’t discuss his past.

For Gemma Tyler, life is almost perfect—a cute apartment, good friends, and a successful personal shopping business—until she spills wine on a charming stranger with a delicious accent. Since they live in different countries, his interest surprises her, but she decides there’s no harm in spending time with him while he’s in town. But after only a couple of dates, she’s close to breaking her one dating rule: no long-distance relationships.

All the money in the world can’t move Texas and Toronto closer together. Maybe some rules are made to be broken. And when Gemma gets an unexpected surprise that sends her running, Antoine will finally have to face his fears and open up about his past.